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materialsCAN includes members of the global building industry that are ready to act on the smart prioritization of embodied carbon in building materials. We provide awareness and education on embodied carbon in the built environment. For more info, please visit us at

Join us for our Symposium workshop, Prioritizing Embodied Carbon in Practice on Friday, Oct 23rd or check out our Symposium Session-On-Demand, Prioritizing Embodied Carbon on Projects.

As a leading provider of facility solutions, Veritiv® helps property managers learn how to properly clean, disinfect and sanitize their facility to reduce illness, increase productivity and break the chain of cross infection. Our green cleaning offering includes sustainable cleaning chemicals, tools and equipment, personal hygiene solutions such as hand sanitizer, and personal protective equipment. 

To learn how we protect your tenants and your property, email Veritiv Sales Manager Kevin Curtin at is a trusted source of free knowledge, and an easy-to-use platform for purchasing high quality European building envelope solutions. Learn about Pro Clima’s complete airsealing system, Lamilux PHI certified skylights, Lunos ductless HRVs, GUTEX wood fiberboard insulation, and Optiwin windows - plus download free Smart Enclosure system details and guide books today.

Request A Quote from 475 and build like the future depends on it! 

CBG South is the exclusive representative for Solatube, the worldwide leader in Tubular Daylighting. Designing with daylight offers a sustainable solution, which benefits the occupants and reduces energy costs. Solatube is the only tubular daylighting company to provide complete consultation, from design through installation.

Discover the technology that changed daylighting.

INTUS Windows creates high performing windows and doors that conserve energy, increase thermal performance, and reduce noise. By balancing superb energy efficiency, affordability, and versatility, INTUS is making sustainable building attainable for any type of commercial project in the U.S. Through our customizable solutions it is now possible to balance costs, long-term performance, and secure savings on the ever-rising cost of energy. We specialize in CW and AW windows, Passive House Certified buildings, high thermal performing windows and windows with high sound attenuation. 

Share your contact information to request more information or to schedule a meeting.

MaGrann Associates is a building science consulting firm focused on providing MEP engineering, sustainability and program implementation support for a variety of client types including developers, builders, architects and utility companies. For more than 35 years, we have brought applied building science to the residential housing market to help builders, developers, designers and property owners produce high performing, risk averse, resilient places to live. A 2020 ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence winner, we are a diverse group of experts dedicated to helping you meet your project goals.

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For more than 30 years, the Mitsubishi Electric US advanced climate control systems have helped enhance customers’ homes and lives. Our systems provide personalized comfort while conserving energy and promoting environmental sustainability.

We are proud to be among the top manufacturers of cooling and heating systems in the world, and our goal is to be the number one provider of comfort without compromise. 

Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) that assists energy users in overcoming educational, financial, and regulatory barriers to a sustainable energy future. SEF’s mission is to promote, research, and invest in clean and renewable energy technologies, energy conservation, energy efficiency, and sustainable energy enterprises that provide opportunities and benefits for PPL Electric ratepayers in Pennsylvania. In addition to providing loans and financing options for clean energy projects and educating the public about sustainable energy, SEF is also a Program Administrator for Pennsylvania C-PACE and is working actively to advance C-PACE throughout the state.

To learn more about our organization or to see if our financing options could work for you, visit

Ventacity Systems makes Ventilation Systems, disruptive building management systems, and the Vcloud supporting a growing list of Devices Under Control and part of the HVAC2 Smarter Building Platform. The entire family of UL listed, commercial HRVs and ERVs share the same leading attributes:

• Extremely high effectiveness and efficiency as measured by Passive House and third party tested to ASHRAE 1060
• Complete, smart, vastly capable machine control standard
• The highest of quality build, complete systems and features

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